Type-R subwoofers have been known for their power handling, clean output and deep bass excursion at a mid-line price. Using the highly successful Type-R subwoofers as a foundation, we applied various performance and hardware improvements to the design, essentially transforming them into the new R-Series subwoofers – The Next Evolution of Proven Performance.


Available R-Series sizes:

  • SBR-S8-4 (8" 4Ohm)
  • SWR-8D4 (8" Dual 4Ohm)
  • SWR-8D2 (8" Dual 2Ohm)
  • SWR-T12 (12" Thin Woofer 4Ohm)
  • R-W10D2 (10" Dual 2Ohm)
  • R-W10D4 (10" Dual 4Ohm)
  • R-W12D2 (12" Dual 2Ohm)
  • R-W12D4 (12" Dual 4Ohm)

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