C1 components and coaxials are engineered to get loud, while maintaining smooth, dynamic, low distortion sound. Each C1 woofer driver utilizes a purpose-built frame design, equipped with a DMA-optimized motor system, and polypropylene cones. C1 components and coaxials are the real deal at a sweet price!

Available in these sizes:

  • C1-400x (4" Coaxial Speaker)
  • C1-525x (5.25" Coaxial Speaker)
  • C1-570x (5x7" Coaxial Speaker)
  • C1-650x (6.5" Coaxial Speaker)
  • C1-690x (6x9" Coaxial Speaker)
  • C1-690tx (6x9" 3-way Coaxial Speaker)

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