Bass Reference

Engineered to get loud and produce extreme bass that everyone likes. Bass Reference woofers are reinforced with a high density paper cone, high roll double stitched foam and a wide body low profile magnet. 


Available Bass Reference Subwoofers:

BRX840 (8" 4ohm SVC subwoofer)

BRX844 (8" 4ohm DVC subwoofer)

BRX1040 (10" 4ohm SVC subwoofer)

BRX1044 (10" 4ohm DVC subwoofer)

BRX1240 (12" 4ohm SVC subwoofer)

BRX1244 (12" 4ohm DVC subwoofer)

BRX1540 (15" 4ohm SVC subwoofer)

BRX1544 (15" 4ohm DVC subwoofer)

Bass Reference